Richard Hobbs

Managing Partner


I am the Managing Partner at Prevail. 


This means you can call or email anytime, for any reason, and I will respond ASAP.

I am always ready to help.


300+ Trials Worked

10+ Years Experience

Civil & Criminal Law

Ranked Legal Intelligencer

"2020 Best Of"

Eagles Fan

A/V Nerd 

Rich Hobbs serves as the Managing Partner at Prevail Trial Consultants and is one of the founding members. In 2016, Rich wanted to address what he saw was a shortfall in the delivery of trial consulting services in the Tri-State area. Through his desire to simplify and improve all aspects of trial consulting, Prevail Trial Consultants was born.


Rich has provided expertise and trial consulting services on over 300+ cases nationwide and internationally. His knowledge of in-court technology and substantial experience in high profile matters has led to his consulting with some of the nation’s top law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and more.


Rich enjoys working in high pressure situations where speed, accuracy and efficiency are critical to success. With extensive experience in both civil and criminal law, Rich is ready to help present your case in its most engaging form.