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From File to Trial, we deliver.

Take Prevail to court with you, and put our experience to work.


Our experienced trial consultants specialize in the preparation and execution of complex legal presentations.


With hundreds of trials under our belts, we will manage the "hot-seat" and seamlessly display your demonstratives and trial exhibits on-site.

Once integrated into your team, our trial consultants are on call 24/7 for anything you and your trial team may need. 

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Persuasive and effective visual presentations that are custom-tailored to spotlight your best evidence and make any exhibit more memorable and accessible.


Legal demonstratives that are clean, effective, and usable in any legal setting.  Presentation design and support also include professional slide decks that can be used for openings, closings, and witness examinations. 


Stop worrying about the on-site technology systems. Our experienced trial consultants will manage any presentation software and equipment.

Each case and technology setup is custom-tailored to meet your firm's legal and courtroom objectives. Rental options include: projectors, screens, monitors, printers, speakers, tables, hot-spots, RealTime PCs, and more. Prevail also specializes in creating TrialPad presentations using iPads.

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Remote Depositions & Mediations

Full service Remote Depositions and Meditations, without ever having to leave your house or office.


Each remote deposition and mediation allows you to view all parties, share exhibits and media files, and have a court reporter transcribe every word. 


Video and transcript synchronization and interactive video deposition playback for any witness or expert. HD and live video testimony available for any witness in any location.


 We can easily edit a full deposition and omit any silences or objections. Prevail understands that designations are often argued in court, and we have the capability to make and edit clips and designations on-site. Our software also allows us to display exhibits side by side, and scrolling text that allows an audience to easily follow along.


Quickly view designation reports for plaintiff, defense, and counterdesignations with video run times.



Allow Prevail to prepare all of your trial binders, exhibit boards, and fulfill all of your printing needs for your next matter. HD resolution printing available in all formats to meet court's requirements for trial exhibits, stamps, bates labeling and binders.


Print support available in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE. We'll even deliver your print to the courtroom!

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