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about us

Our Goal is Simple: To Make You Look Great in Court.

Prevail Trial Consultants is a full service trial presentation and litigation support company that law firms and corporate legal teams can rely on to manage litigation in a cost effective and reliable manner. Prevail Trial Consultants specializes in using modern courtroom technology and evidence presentation systems to spotlight exhibits and impact any audience, no matter the venue. Prevail Trial Consultants also assists outside of the courtroom by providing demonstratives and professional slide decks. Our experienced trial consultants have worked the “hot-seat” in high stakes litigation and understand the demands of complex trials.

Prevail Trial Consultants. also offers E-Discovery processing, database hosting and document review software. In partnership with DLS Discovery (Wilmington, DE) and Kelly + Partners, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA), Prevail Trial Consultants can help save your firm time and money in your next document review and production. With offices in downtown Wilmington and Philadelphia strategically located near the courthouses, Prevail Trial Consultants has worked in courthouses all over the country, and have proven to be the top resource for in-town counsels and out-of-town counsels alike.

Prevail Trial Consultants - An Introduction

About Prevail Trial Consultants
About Prevail.

Where to Find Us

1007 Orange Street, Suite 510

Wilmington, DE, 19801

Office: 302-442-7836

Email: information@prevailtrial.com

Complex trial? Perfect, that's our specialty.

Our Services at a Glance

Trial SUpport

Our trial consultants specialize in the preparation and execution of complex legal presentations and offer unique solutions to meet the needs of numerous litigators. Through the use of technology and customized multimedia presentations, Prevail provides the competitive advantage to any case. 

Equipment Solutions

Our top of the line equipment rentals include: projectors, screens, speakers, monitors, and more. Our trial consultants take care of setting up and breaking down any courtroom you are travelling to. At Prevail, let us worry about the logistics and equipment, you focus on the argument and facts.

Demonstratives and presentations

Prevail understands that some cases are more visual than others, and that’s why we’re here to help. Our graphic designers specialize in demonstratives, timelines, animations, professional power points, and more. Feel free to contact us for examples of our demonstrative and powerpoint presentations.

Printing & Binding 

Through our strategic partnerships, Prevail has the ability to cover all of your document needs. With DLS Discovery in Delaware, and Kelly + Partners in Pennsylvania, we can bate stamp, produce witness binders, and produce exhibit binders on short notice.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Prevail team was really great and professional.  They assisted with a three week trial by setting up a war room complete with printers and copiers in a hotel room close to the court house, they prepared demonstratives for us at a really good price (other ones I have used were super expensive), and we had Ryan sit hot seat throughout the entire trial. There were over 500 exhibits and he was adept at going to the one we needed in a snap.  I will definitely use Prevail for all of my upcoming trials, as Ryan and Rich are so customer friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. I am not usually so effusive, but found a great fit with this team."

-Partner at Clark Hill PLC

"PTC was an extremely strong asset to our trial team.  They immediately jumped in with one phone call the Saturday before trial, knowing that our needs couldn’t be defined in advance.  They were professional, courteous, and maintained a great rapport with and easily integrated into the team. So easily, in fact, that I couldn’t imagine this trial without them."

-Partner at Morris Nichols Arsht and Tunnell LLP

Our Clients