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Going to Trial? Bring Prevail with you and put our experience to work.

With hundreds of cases worked across the nation, there isn't a venue or situation we can't handle.

Richard Hobbs

Owner & Managing Partner

Legal Intelligencer "2020 Best Of":

  • Trial Consulting

  • Hot-Seat Operator

  • Demonstrative/Graphic Design


Coming into Wilmington, Delaware for Litigation?


We've got you covered.

Prevail Trial and DLS Discovery are strategic partners in Wilmington, Delaware and provide Litigation Support across the entire state of Delaware and its court systems.

DLS Discovery is a leading provider of eDiscovery, Managed Document Review, Legal Support, and Marketing services.  Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, our team supports many AM Law100 law firms, Fortune 500 Companies, and national and locally owned businesses.

THE philadelphia TEAM

Getting called to trial on short notice in Philadelphia?

We've got you covered.

Prevail Trial and Kelly & Partners, Inc. are strategic partners in Philadelphia, PA and provide Litigation Support in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Kelly + Partners, Inc. was founded by Philadelphia veterans of the duplication services field. It was their ambition to fill the "services gap" being experienced in so many areas of business in today's environment. 

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Ed Carp 

Owner at DLS Discovery

Reese Hitchens

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E-Discovery Consultant at DLS Discovery

Jeremy Luzader

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Vice President at DLS Discovery

Andy Mcclary

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E-Discovery & Relativity Expert

Rebecca Simeone Lennon

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Marketing Executive at DLS Discovery

Danielle Miller

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Graphic Designer

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Jeff Spots

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Sales Manager at Kelly & Partners, Inc.


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Prevail Trial Consultants Hot Seat Operators & Trial Support


- Trial Support

- Hot Seat Operators

- Remote Depositions and Mediation

- Equipment Solutions

- Demonstratives & Legal Graphics

- Presentation Design

- Equipment Rentals


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