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Use of Technology in Impeachment Trial

[Disclaimer: This is not a political post. I do not, or will not, discuss political views on this blog.]

The Zoom Cat filter story from yesterday was great. A hilarious Zoom experience and highlights why you need to understand how to work your virtual conferencing software. See below link:


But, the most important legal tech story yesterday came out of the Impeachment Trial. I was watching the proceedings, and I was wondering why the Defense was not using any type of presentation technology or graphics.

The below excerpt from a Politico article really caught my attention and highlights why it is so important to plan for, or at least consider, the use of graphics and demonstratives at trial.

It's a safe bet that in litigation today (virtual or in-person), the opposing counsel will be utilizing some form of presentation technology. It's fundamental to making your case more efficient, effective and understandable.

Plan accordingly and discuss your upcoming proceedings with experienced and professional Trial Consultants and Hot-Seat Operators. The use of technology in a litigation setting, especially remote, is necessary when the stakes are high.

Below is link to the Politico article wherein they discuss the use (or lack thereof) of technology at Day 01 of the Impeachment Trial.

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