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Courtroom Tech Information: Wilmington, DE Bankruptcy Court

It is no secret that Delaware is the nation's leader in corporate law. The state boasts some of the nation's best judiciaries, court systems, and corporate precedent. Companies love to incorporate in Delaware because of the state's reputation for strong and fair judges, and because some of the nations' best law firms and corporate attorneys are based out of Wilmington, Delaware. The state has a storied and strong background in dealing with complex legal issues pertaining to corporate and commercial litigation.

It is also no secret that the state of Delaware is considered a favorable tax shelter for businesses and individuals. The tax laws in Delaware have led to increasingly high numbers of businesses incorporating in the state.

The high levels of incorporation in Delaware and the nuanced tax laws require the state to have a very efficient and comprehensive Bankruptcy Court system. Delaware's Bankruptcy Court (located in Wilmington) is among the country's busiest courthouses for bankruptcy proceedings.

When it comes to courtroom technology, Delaware Bankruptcy Court is fully equipped to handle all presentations. With modern courtrooms and improved HDMI systems, all that is needed in Delaware Bankruptcy Court is the ability to into plug the HDMI/VGA inputs from the counsel table(s).

For Bankruptcy Court, it is especially important to use presentation technology because of the nature of the documents being discussed. Often, the documents in Bankruptcy proceedings are Form 10ks, Tax Returns, Financial Records and other complicated documents. These types of documents often have small text and numbers and using a skilled trial consultant can really help navigate Native files and Excel sheets in a bankruptcy proceeding.


What are the courtrooms like?

Below is an overhead recreation of one Wilmington, Delaware's Bankruptcy courtrooms.

The courtrooms inside Delaware Bankruptcy Court are modern and well kept. The courtrooms themselves are large and narrow, but the preexisting technology helps anyone in the courtroom see what’s going on. For those viewing in the gallery, there are large TVs that hang from the ceiling to make viewing documents easy.

Counsel tables on both sides are equipped with a monitor, microphone, speakers, and multiple outlets for power sources. Each counsel table has both an HDMI and VGA input, which makes it really easy for legal teams to "plug and play". When the presenting attorney is speaking, he/she has the option to use an ELMO. The ELMO is conveniently attached to the lectern.

For general viewing, there is a large TV (about 50 inches) located in the corner.

For presentation purposes, the clerk is in control of the A/V system. The A/V system used is an Extron scaler. The clerk controls switching inputs and managing volume levels, which gives the attorneys one less thing to worry about in the courtroom. Since the courtroom is HDMI/VGA, the audio plays through the courtroom speakers.

Another important role of the clerk in this court is to manage participants who are present via telephone or video conference. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, DE is equipped with CourtCall because in Bankruptcy proceedings there are often witnesses from all over the world who have to provide testimony. CourtCall allows a phone or video conference within the courtroom to take place seamlessly.

For those working the hot-seat in Wilmington Bankruptcy Court, you won't need much equipment. Below is what we recommend:

  • Foldable Table/Table Skirt

  • 15ft/25ft HDMI to tap into AV system

  • 15ft/25ft Extension Cord

  • Reference Monitor

  • HDMI splitter

  • Power Strips (just in case)


What do the Judges prefer?

Given the nature of bankruptcy proceedings, the judges prefer the use of technology when it comes to presenting financial documents. Native Excel files with hundreds of columns and tabs can be very difficult to see in a printed version, so displaying native files with call-outs is something the bankruptcy judges really appreciate.

Nobody likes squinting at small text, right? This is especially true for judges who have to deal with native files on a regular basis.

Be sure to have your Native Files converted to PDF (if possible) to make them easier to enlarge and enhance.

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