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Best of 2021 - The Legal Intelligencer

Prevail is proud to announce that we have been voted "Best Of 2021" by our peers in The Legal Intelligencer. The categories we placed top three in are the following:

  • Trial Consulting

  • "Hot-Seat" Trial Technician

  • Remote Trial Services

  • Demonstrative Evidence Provider

  • Video Deposition/Production Services



5 years ago we started Prevail with the understanding that the quality in the industry needed to be drastically improved with an extreme focus on availability, flexibility, and dependability.

We didn't invent the hot-seat, but we work hard every trial to perfect it and find new ways to set us apart.

5 years later we are ranked TOP 2 in the major categories!!! Two consecutive years now making rank, and this year we moved from 3rd place to 2nd.

We do it differently. And we do it with all smiles because we love litigation.

Thank you to our team for all your hard work. Thank you judges, attorneys, paralegals, etc. who voted for us!

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