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 Dan Scott
Trial Consultant & Technician


I help attorneys to present their evidence in court through the use of OnCue and high quality demonstratives

I am always ready to help.


Office: (302) 333-6776

Cell: (302) 747-3388



5+ years of industry experience

Proficient in OnCue and creating slide decks

Highly knowledgeable in outfitting courtrooms with technology

Dan Scott is a trial consultant and trial technician who is proficient in the most up-to-date trial software. His skills with OnCue as well as slide decks can help any attorney's trial run smoothly and without worry. 

Dan has spent many years around the legal industry and is familiar with the process from preparing for trial, through to the actual court proceedings. He also has knowledge of courtroom technology for several different courthouses that allow him to be able to set up whatever is needed for the trial to run as cleanly and smoothly as possible. 


Dan's eagerness to help his colleagues, as well as attorneys, makes him a very valuable part of our, and our clients', team.  

If you're looking for an eager, insightful, and hardworking professional to work with you on your next trial, Dan is a great fit. Contact him today to learn more about his skills and experience, and to see how he can help you achieve your goals.

Recent Cases

& States

CAP-XX v. Maxwell [DE]

Taylor v. Just About Me Learning Academy [PA]

Rosemary Walker v. Septa [PA]

Wunderlich v. Gary B. Riley [DE]

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