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Prevail: Nationwide Support

Prevail Nationwide: Hybrid Trials and Arbitrations.

Courtrooms nationwide continue to limit the size of trial teams allowed on-site for litigation. A result of this is Hybrid Trials and Arbitrations where technology is relied upon more than ever before. This puts extra emphasis on what we do as Trial Consultants.

We are brought in as part of these limited size trials teams nationwide, and it's on us to be the nerve center of the litigation. All the partners, associates, clients, corporate reps etc that used to attend court proceedings are now watching remotely. We at Prevail make sure everyone who might be watching gets an effective and efficient presentation from our on-site consultants.

Here's some examples from the past eight months of work.

All of our staff is fully vaccinated, and we enforce regular Covid-19 testing before and during traveling Trials.

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